Friday, December 21, 2012

Best TV Shows of the Year

My Favorite TV Shows of 2012

1. Best new TV show: Mindy Project

I looooove this show. It has quickly moved to the top of my "Must See" list and is one of only 2 shows each week that I actually sit down to watch (also, see #2). Mindy Kaling is hilarious and speaks to my life. I could be Mindy Lahiri, M.D., without the one-night-stands. The supporting cast is not as strong as I think they could be, which drags down the comedy a bit, but Mindy and supporting lead Chris Messina have great chemistry and witty banter. Mindy's lines are so funny that my friend Sarah and I post our favorite quotes from the episodes each week on each other's Facebook. Some of our favorites:
Mindy: "To paraphrase another great woman of color, Mariah Carey, 'All I want for you'."

Mindy to a patient: "Please do not give me print outs of Wed MD. This is like bringing recipes to a restaurant and saying, here cook this."

Teen: "Henry says we're going to be together forever. It's even his signature at the bottom of all his emails."
Mindy's boyfriend: "Well my law firm forbids tampering with the standard confidentiality notice at the bottom of all our emails."

2. Best old favorite that keeps getting better: Grey's Anatomy

After 9 seasons, this show just keeps getting better and better.  How could it be that these 6 are the only original cast members still left?? Because Shonda Rhimes keeps killing off every good character! Sloane is gone, Lexi's dead, and Teddy left the hospital. Instead, we've got a batch of new surgical interns to follow and as usual, juicy drama between Cristina and Owen (will they work it out?), Meredith and Derek (what will happen with Derek's hand? Meredith's pregnancy?), and several other great story lines (Callie and Arizona adjusting to Arizona's disability, Richard's ailing wife Adele, and Miranda's impending wedding). They've all signed on for 1 more season, giving me a decade of my favorite show, through my 4 years of college and 5 years of grad school. I'm hooked.

3. Best farewell season: 30 Rock

This show is a witty, campy delight. It shot out big in the first few seasons, sweeping the Emmy's and Golden Globes, and then simmered for a few years. But I love the writing and the characters, and I'm especially happy to see Liz Lemon get what she has been wanting for years: a husband (love her feminist refusal to have a big wedding) and fingers-crossed, a baby.

4. Best guilty pleasure I try to resist: The Bachelorette

After the Jason-Melissa-Molly debacle of Bachelor, I vowed never to watch again (unless Jillian, who I loved, was the Bachelorette). Then I watched Jillian. Then Jake. Then Aly, who I don't care for. Then Brad Womack's second try, since I followed his first. Then Ashley because she was cute. Then Ben, who I hated, because I was sucked in. Then came Emily, the best season of the Bachelorette since the original, Trista. Sure, she ended up not working out with Jef (did she cheat? is it because he's Mormon? what went wrong???), but she made smart choices along the way. In the end, I watched 10 seasons of the Bach franchise, at 2 hours per week, at about 8 episodes per season, I've spent 160 hours on this franchise. I keep trying to pull myself away, but I'll keep watching. I'll see you in January when Sean tries to find his wife on the Bachelor.

5. Best new cult favorite: Downton Abbey

O.M.G. This show is AMAZING. I love British period pieces, so this show was made for me. I love romance, I love drama, I love scandal. It's a perfect fit. Season 3 is about to air in the United States, but shhh...I've already seen it all online! It's out of this world... Some spoilers that can be revealed: Mary and Matthew do marry, Downton may be in peril, and there will be at least one wedding, one baby, and one death in the new season. Enjoy!

Do you agree with my choices? What would yours be? Any runner-ups? Share your thoughts below!

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